Where I would like to be…

if only my beautiful girl was with me ❤ (She knows who she is and I’m sure she is blushing right know too ❤ ) This is just a lake in Alaska but to me…… It reminds me of big open places and being with ones self. Believe me when I say… If you can’t love yourself…. you better not go alone and if you love yourself…. you will never be alone! or something like that…. LOL

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GUEST POST // Triune-Heart by Madam Marmoset

Wonderful work!! I hope to see more from this guest!

unbolt me

Pussy willow, pussy willow,
Where have you gone?
Hiding far away
From the madding throng.

Her feeble paw stretched out in a futile attempt to grab his attention. There was a new cat on the block, lean and lithe and graceful. The old cat had been ravaged by age and sorrow. Her face and body showed every single line of her life, every punch that had been thrown at her.

He sat there between his two lady loves, happy, content and blissful, blissful in the love that filled the room.

The old cat continued to stay lit upon his lap. He instinctively stroked her, tenderly, gently and often. She mewled and purred with pleasure.

The young newcomer quietly took up a position near the old cat. She was in sacred space now. The old cat was battered and bruised. Her beauty had been washed away by the tsunami of time…

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My cheerful face seems very bleak ~ The one very bright collaboration

unbolt me

Well… According to Wiio’s laws every next word in this headnote increases the risk of misinterpretation what I tried to say. Let me be terse. Let me present my new collaboration and my new fantastic partner.

Will Tigs, thank you! You gave me some really important lessons…
(Oh…. And now I will stop blabbing! Wiio’s laws are upon us!)


yellow-face-female-face-1921 Yellow face (Female face), 1921. Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin

My cheerful face seems very bleak
and the hopes I have are hollow.
My mouth is dry and unable to speak.
I live my life in sorrow.

My instincts seem so synchronized,
yet my genitals are sterile.
My eyes are weak and hypnotized,
I spend my days in peril.

My death is near. I have gangrene.
Pray for me, you happy fools!
On you alone I vent my spleen,
Don’t play with edged tools.

My memoirs I now will edit
to spread…

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