Bastet by Tony Single & Tetiana Aleksina

What can I say?? Just read, it’s great!!

unbolt me

“Tell me all about yourself.”

I sniff the air. Cinnamon and anise do play well together, and the smell of coffee is an expected though welcome accompaniment. The taste however is less welcome. Downright crappy you could say. I’ve imbibed once or twice but I don’t seem to have been able to develop a taste for that lurid bean. I prefer a good smoked tea with milk.

Sigh. Another evening. Another stranger. And probably the same outcome.

“Do you really want to know all about me?” Her voice is playful. That’s a change. Usually she won’t make an effort to hide her boredom. She must be in a good mood.

“Of course!”

Her legs shift beneath me. She leans forward. I have no intention of moving so I gently dig in. She doesn’t notice. Something about this stranger intrigues her. That’s fine. I’m sleepy and this lap is my soft…

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Blame it on the Rainbow

Awesome work!

unbolt me

You’re out for
a walk every day
buttoned from
throat to knees
the hood pulled over your head

You’re untouched
by the Sun and rains
You’re sheltered
You’re secure
Nothing can hurt your soft pith

But one day
one beautiful day
a strange rain
flecked your coat
You didn’t care, you were careless

You got home
You hung your wet coat
on a hook
and you missed
shimmering rainbow spatters
on your heavy sheath

Next morning
you put on your coat
buttoned from
throat to knees
and went out into the street

A few steps…
and… what the devil?
You felt how
the Sun heats
your back… Something strange happened
with your heavy sheath

You’re so scared
You run to your home
You should clean
You should wash
You can’t let the Sun disturb
your soft pith again

You can’t sleep
You have a nightmare

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