Blood Cherry ~ The one sharp-toothed collaboration

unbolt me

Crumble Cult


the poesy project


Well… do you think that it’s four different persons? Uh-uh… nope! 😛
It’s the only one person. The single person. The amazing, talented and great person… OK! I guess, you dawned upon who it is 🙂

(should I stop to praise you, Tony?)

I’m happy to show you my next collaboration with TONY SINGLE.

But now… stop to shoot the breeze! Please, shaken, not stirred!

Aww… sweet and salty… yummy ❤
I do love this one.

Вензельagain she isn’t there, but what can you expect?
the mirror peers through her to curtains drawn and rumpled sheets
she’s accepted her fate, the wrong way was trekked
silk and lace, now what can she be hiding between flounces and pleats?

stake her if you can boy, slay her quick
afore she gets to you, makes your neck to snap
crick snap…

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