Happy birthday my sweet!!


Today is my sweethearts birthday and so I wanted to write a post today to her. Some of you know her, some of you don’t, some know her by other names but to me… she is just my heart. She is breathtakingly beautiful in everyway, sooooo very smart, she is also very deep. I enjoy pealing away each new layer of her and finding something new and beautiful about her. She is the kind of woman men have wrote poems about, painted pictures about and have fought for over history. Her smile could be likened to a many wonderful things, like a sunset, sunrise, just anything that is stunning but of all the wonders I’ve seen in this world…. they all are so plain next to her, for her beautiful smile is so much more than what is seen on the surface, she has a smile that makes me hunger to make her happy, makes me want to do all one can and more to keep that smile always. It warms like the Sun and makes everything that’s wrong in life not matter, it melts the cold of the world and pushes it far from ones thoughts for with her near there is never anything to fear because she is with you, she is my safe place, my rock. She makes me a better and stronger man, she makes me want to fight to win her heart anew each day. She always just knows what to say and is so much smarter than I. I am always in stunned wonder of her in everyway and feel so very thankful each day for her. I know when she reads this she will be blushing and wearing that all over smile so I will hold back her name because she knows who I’m talking about and any of you that know her, know who I’m talking about, so on this great day a baby girl came into this world that has changed my life and so many others for the better and I just wanted to wish her the best birthday ever!! I’m so proud and thankful each moment for you!! You are a joy always!! Happy Birthday!! Warm hugs and tender kisses

P.S. Please know I’m not a writer but wanted to do something from my heart so I tried to be one today. 🙂


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