Hocus-Pocus Lotus Locos 2: Petrarchan Sonnets PART 1 ~ The ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’ collaboration

unbolt me

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Italian-adopted Princess of Florence,
Petra the Opera Prima Donna Slavic,
a feline-fearing alluring Ailurophobic
soon passed Cheshire’s abhorrence,
and with whims of a fetish sixth-sense
for hatted men, wished to fish and fix
the Tomcat from the well, blowing dick
of the puss in boots deep in sixpence.

When she tilted her face down the well at sunrise,
dawn’s disc lit her ash-blonde hair up, like a halo
and the feathered musketeer-hat man, surprised,
felt aggrandized by the Angel, whose cheeks glowed
at the fallen Seraph as well, who though circumcised,
obviously had personal demons he needed to let go.

Hocus-Pocus Lotus Locos © Tetiana Aleksina & Ry Hakari

Sometimes we can sink so low
Deep down where there’s nowhere to go
But it doesn’t bother me no, no
No it doesn’t bother me,

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