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Hocus-Pocus Lotus Locos ~ The one inappropriately funny collaboration

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‘As you value your life or your reason keep away from the moor’
(The Hound of the Baskervilles, Arthur Conan Doyle)

I remember the very first time when I’ve found myself on 21 Shades of Blue. Hmmm… yes, I admit, I was too scared and just fled like a coward. But, probably, I let drop a coin by chance. That’s why I was fated to come back.

Sometimes escaping out the frying pan, just means landing in fire.

It was scintillation of moonshine on the water surface… or something else… it doesn’t matter. I tilted my curious face over marsh lights and my nose clicked ‘Follow‘. Splash! I fell into the deep well and had no chance to get out. Yes, I’m a lucky bastard!

Ry, thank you!! Thank you for this wicked miracle-play! Thank you for letting me a sneak peek backstage. I…

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