Where no one knows your name

or speaks English….. It’s a odd feeling being someplace and not understanding what anyone is saying. I have never felt so alone but I was still able to make friends somehow. Well I think I did but not knowing what they was saying…. I just know they didn’t light any torches and show me the way out of there lands, plus well…. I had money and that is something everyone understands. So here is a shot from my time in the very French area of Canada.

This is The Cap des Rosiers Lighthouse, Quebec, Canada. This is tallest lighthouse ever built in Canada



12 thoughts on “Where no one knows your name

  1. Gorgeous image!! And yes I can relate about being in a place and not knowing the language. The isolation and confusion is terrible at times. One gets very creative on how to communicate besides money. LOL Hand gestures that sort of thing …. (((HUGS))) Amy

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      • See!! This is what happens with us guys when we are on our own is a strange land. We do things that get us in trouble without a good smart woman to stop us! Just ask your husband 🙂

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      • I knew you would understand and im lucky to sometimes have a good woman point out my wrongs! Sometimes they are so kind as to tell me my wrongs even before ive done anything!! Now thats a smart woman!! Haha

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      • I’ve been faulted for speaking Truth, so to hear someone tell me they appreciate my candor, is refreshing. I thank YOU for encouraging me to be who I am. That is not easy in a world that plays games and is full of deceit. You made my day, Lord Walt! (((HUGS))) Amy

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      • Oh Amy, always be who you are and say what you think! I try to always be true to myself and be who I am… maybe that’s why I’m still single but who would want a mindless drone?? Well… I’m sure there is some but I love a person that has fire, has a mind and not afraid to use it! Most of the time I can use a good kick in the butt to get my mind working right and I’m glad that I have some that care enough to kick me! To me that’s a keeper 🙂

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      • Gee, if I was single, I wouldn’t mind getting to know you, not one bit. I treasure uniqueness and honesty, and by far you are not even close to being a drone. YOU? For real? I think not. This world needs the brave and courageous to flip the bird to the “rules” and walk a Path of Freshness, of Sincerity, of Love, and of Truth and Peace. What I write is who I am, no games. My astonishment lies in the fact so many listen here, at Petals and behind the scenes as well, when this world thus far mostly has kicked me to the curb as garbage. To be REAL and not afraid to allow the inner YOU to live, is a Gift you give yourself. Treasure that. Don’t allow anyone to tell you how to live YOUR life. Whew! I will slowly and with great deliberation step down from my soap box now. Hehehehehehe Love, Amy

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      • Oh Amy! Thank you! I understand being kicked to the curb as garbage! I have had a long list of being used and mistreated but I think I’m stronger for it and well… being older and still single makes me worried that I will never have that dream of kids and a loving family but I still go on. I have to be happy with myself and I just wait and hope but I’m not going to play games, what you see is what you get. I’m may not be the best the world has to offer but I will be damned if I’m not close! haha


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