I can see……

There is always something wonderful about an island and well…. I took this photo on an island. It’s part of New Scotland and well.. being half Scottish. I partied¬†in my kilt… Yes! I have a kilt and not afraid to use it! Yes it does make me feel pretty but well…. that’s a whole other story and well… I’m not sure if the police are still looking for me, so I will save that story, but if you are the young lady that happened upon a guy wearing a kilt laying on the side of the road, sorry and hope you can see again very soon and well…. I didn’t know how my kilt had somehow¬†been pulled up so high and I understand how spooking I may have looked in the fog but… Oh never mind.. Please get well soon and well… that was not me, really!! ūüėČ So here is a peaceful shot I took on the¬† Cabot Trail¬†on¬† Cape Breton Island¬†in the¬†Cape Breton Highlands National Park¬†in¬† Nova Scotia, Canada


Where no one knows your name

or speaks English….. It’s a odd feeling being someplace and not understanding what anyone is saying. I have never felt so alone but I was still able to make friends somehow. Well I think I did but not knowing what they was saying…. I just know they didn’t light any torches and show me the way out of there lands, plus well…. I had money and that is something everyone understands. So here is a shot from my time in the very French area of Canada.

This is The Cap des Rosiers Lighthouse, Quebec, Canada. This is tallest lighthouse ever built in Canada