Alexandra Falls, NWT

This is Alexandra Falls on the Hay River in the Northwest Territories of Canada. If this place is not the middle of nowhere, it sure is close 🙂 I took this on my last 4 week long road trip that covered almost 14,000 miles or 22,531 km. Yeah I know, just catch your breath and lets move on. When it comes to road trips, I love them!! I bought a car (2008 Mercury Sable) a few years ago just for road trips. It has a big trunk that can hold all my stuff for my long trips and I’m not afraid to be away from everyone in it. She has proved herself time and time again, so when the cell phone don’t work and the nearest person is days away, I have faith she won’t let me down. I know, I know! I sound like I’m trying to sale a car and not tell you about the waterfall photo I’m going to show but well…. I love this car!! She has been put through hell, really!! and still asks for more. I have thought of trading her in a few times, just because of her age but….. She has been too good to me to do that! So back to the falls story. The falls is not far inside the Northwest Territories border and just off the road is the parking lot to walk down to it. It’s a nice walk to the falls. Lots of trees and bugs, OMG the bugs!! I can’t tell you enough about the bugs!! The bugs will suck the life from you, really they will!! I felt light headed by the time I got back to my beloved car from the blood loss!! Yeah I know what your thinking… what about bug spray??? Hummmm…. You can use cans of the stuff and the first thousand or so may die from licking it off you so the millions of there family members can have lunch from you!!! So yeah… bugs!! Really!! Lots and lots of them but still.. If you can make it past them and back to tell the story like I did, you too can have a photo like this:

IMG_6289 (2)


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