Family of strangers

Today I would like to talk about strangers that for a time become family, the kind you have to count on, if just for a moment. I, as always, was in the middle of nowhere or as the name of the town says… Midway… Hummmm… Midway to what I wonder??? Who knows but anyway, I am here. I had been driving long and hard all day through a city I didn’t think would end or a few towns that was all back to back, all I know is it was stop light, after stop light and than after that, wine country. So my day was filled with traffic, fruit stands (oh I forgot to tell you but yes, they had fruit too) and wine. So I was beat, tired and well…. but all of that was behind me and I was back to just country, no one, no towns, just a lot of peace somewhere near the border of the US on the Canada side. It was all fine and good but….. well…. I now needed a place for the night and it was late, the Sun was going to bed and I needed to go to bed too but now I’m in all this peace, with no place to stay. little town after little town, with nothing. So I keep going into the night hopping for something, when I see the glow of lights, could it be??? Yes it is, a motel!! Ooooh how my tired eyes loved the site of the motel, but…. was it open? did they have room?? The office was dark and locked, Oh no!!! But wait…. there is a after hours button by the door, I push it and wait…. hummmm….. did anything happen, I wonder…. I didn’t hear anything…. should I push the button again???? Standing there wondering what to do next was when I seen a light come on, Oooooh….. was someone coming???? Yes, yes there was!! 🙂 Oooooh how wonderful, yes they had a room and ooooh what a lovely room it was!! I’ll take it please, I said. Noooo I don’t care the cost, just give me the key, please 🙂 So you may be asking yourself by now??? Where did I find a family of strangers???? I’m getting there, so just hold on, ok??? 🙂 Well here I am unloading my junk into my room when a couple more cars pull in looking for a room too. There are now lots of people around and the poor lady and her husband that own the little motel are running around trying to help us all. It’s turned into a little party by now but I have left everyone and was getting to relax when I heard someone at the door, it was the lady owner asking if I had some antacid, there was a lady who needed some and there was nowhere close that was open to get some and well… she was an American too, so I guess that would add to my helpfulness if she was a countrymen/woman of mine, I laughed to myself, I would be more helpful if she wasn’t, haha. There was people all in the parking lot, looking in there cars for a way to help this lady. Here we all was strangers but we all came together to help this lady. We did find some antacid and it helped the lady and we all just kind of stayed around in the parking lot talking into the night about where we all where from and how we all found ourselves in this town called “Midway”.

Here is a photo I took from our motel with my phone the next morning.


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