Climbing the mountain

Well all, I’ve been thinking of all my troubles and feeling down, being unsure of life and where I am, thinking of all the ways I’ve missed out on life…. and who comes along and kicks me in the ass???? Who points out all the ways that I have it made and how I really don’t have any troubles?? Well it’s my lovely sweet and oooooh soooooo smoking hot Unbolt!! She has always been here for me and yeah I could have just told her and not blogged about it but…. why miss the chance to see her blush again??? She looks oh sooooo wonderful wearing red and well I thought I would also let my readers that was missing me know I was just having a pity party for one till…. I got my kick in the butt and I’m looking up and forward and feeling hopeful, so watch out world and mountain…. I’m coming!! 🙂

PS. The photo is of Mt. McKinley in Alaska. Yes there is a peak in them clouds 🙂


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