wait your turn…. or else

Hello boys and girls, today’s story is about waiting ones turn. Before we begin, I must warn, there may be a word or two that makes some of you blush and or giggle, so be warned. Now that’s out of the way, let begin. Here I was stuck in standstill traffic, they was working on the road and only one lane was open at times, so it was a mess but everyone was being nice and waiting, we was just outside The Grand Teton National Park  or as the French call it “les trois tétons” (the three teats), yes, this is the time for the giggles and blushing.. The early 19th-century French-speaking trappers named the mountain range after boobs. God, something you just got to love the french!! 🙂 So here I am looking, enjoy the view of the grand boobs, thanking of my lovely Unbolt and siting in traffic. The traffic started moving and we was on our way, I thought but we had only got a few miles down the road and came to a stop again but this time, everyone was getting out to take photos of the  American bison or as we call them, buffalo. It was ok to do this because the park rangers was there and was telling everyone to get out and look at the big heard that was crossing the road. There must of been at least two hundred of them. It was beautiful to see but this is where we get to the story of waiting. I was standing there, with others watching the buffalo roam and enjoying the peace, when somewhere behind us we heard a honking horn. In the hundreds of stopped cars, there was one, wanting to move, somewhere but where? The park rangers had everything stopped because of the buffalo but someone wanted to go and so they did. I seen a ranger walking toward our group but he was not looking at us but someone behind us, so we looked too and saw a minivan coming up the un-used on coming lane and the ranger was not happy, not happy at all. He pointed and yelled for the minivan to pull to the side and stop. The ranger went to there window and said to the driver and family that they would not be going anywhere to the buffalo was done doing what buffalo do and because they was in a hurry, they would be waiting to the last of us was gone and would be at the back of the line. He, the driver was not happy about this but well…. So as the buffalo had cleared the road and we all got back into our cars to move, he (minivan) tried to get in front of the car in front of me and that guy honked his horn and the ranger seen this and pointed for the minivan to pull back over and this time the ranger told the driver he was to wait till he told him to go or he could wait in the rangers office… Hummmm… well what happened after this all I don’t know but I do know, it’s better to wait on the side of the road than in the rangers office. So kiddies, next time your find yourself facing down a park ranger, Just smile and enjoy the wildlife 🙂


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