The Crossing

Well boys and girls, today I’m going to tell you the story of the place where for an extra $20 you can get a mountain view. It’s called the Crossing and it’s in Alberta, Canada, way up in the mountains, The mountains are everywhere, you can’t help but see them but at the Crossing, you have to pay or they will make them go away somehow, I have seen them do it, really!! It all starts with me looking for a place to stay after a long drive in the mountains. I pull into this place that has everything, gas, food, cabins, gift shop and a store. Oooh how happy I am to find this place in the mountains. It’s got views and so into this cabin I go to get a room. I stand in the lobby waiting my turn and this nice grandma like woman smiles and asked if she can help, I tell her I would like a place for the night and she says she can help me with that and pulls out a key and I start filling out paperwork. Everything is going well…. untill she starts adding up the bill and I hear her say that for an extra $20 I can get a view of the mountains. Hmmmmmm…. mountain view you say?? Yes, for an extra $20 I can have a mountain view, hmmmm again….. I’m standing there looking out the window and all I see are mountains, so I say to her, is there a place where there is not a mountain view? I’ll take that. Everyone in the lobby looks at me and I smile, safe in the fact that I’m on a mountain, so I ask how can I not see it? At this point there are some young cleaning ladies that have come in and they hear me and start laughing and one takes my arms and tells me that was a good one, so full of myself by now I say I will pay an extra $20 if she can find me a room without a view. Well…. all I can say is she tried but even when the fog rolled in…. I could still see the mountains with a saved 20 still in my pocket. 🙂6247893734_16705b62fd_o 6249245527_e21c8d9f00_o 6732553247_0e4228f4c3_o


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