I should have made a left turn in Albuquerque……

Ok does anyone remember the old Bugs Bunny cartoons??? If you do you should know what the title of today’s story means, if not I will remind you. Bugs would pop out of his hole with a map and say…. Yes the title of today’s story. Well anyway today I’m going to show you a couple of photos and you tell me if I made a wrong turn somewhere. It all started when I was (I think) in Alaska, You know where that is right??? It’s the cold, very cold part of the USA and I was there, driving around on holiday. When, something odd happened….. Did I cross a ice bridge??? fall asleep on a ferry??? Someone drug me and take me away in my sleep??? I don’t know but the photos will show you things that you don’t see much in the US, so…… You tell me, what happened…….. 🙂


Did anyone else see a large beaver around here?

Well all I can say is that Canada loves beaver. I spotted this little beaver alongside the road in Beaverlodge, Alberta and just had to stop to look (no riding the beaver. yes, there is a sign but well…. who can look and not at least pet a beaver? I sure can’t, so…..) and take a photo or two. Here is a couple of photos I took of the beaver for all to enjoy! 🙂

Peace and thankfulness

Today’s story is about peace, peace of mind, peace of being in the middle of nowhere, peace in ones self, just being alone in the wilderness of the Yukon (photo below) or anywhere. I travel to places to find myself, alone with my thoughts, no worries, no one to please, just me, Love or hate myself, it’s me. It’s so clearing of mind to just stand somewhere, no one else around and just enjoy the view and the peace. Today is thanksgiving in the US and today I’m thankful for my very lovely Unbolt, she has been there for me and been so kind and beautiful in every way and everyday! Thank you!! Thank you!! I’m also thankful for my family, good or bad, I’m happy to know they are there, same for my job and other friends! I’m thankful that I have been lucky in life, I may not always feel lucky but when I have the time to think, I know I’ve been very lucky! I have people that love and care for me and at the end of the day, that’s all that means anything! So to all my readers, I hope you find peace and thankfulness in your life, It may not always be great but it’s the only life we have, so hold and love, laugh and enjoy and have hope! Peace my dear friends to you and yours….

wait your turn…. or else

Hello boys and girls, today’s story is about waiting ones turn. Before we begin, I must warn, there may be a word or two that makes some of you blush and or giggle, so be warned. Now that’s out of the way, let begin. Here I was stuck in standstill traffic, they was working on the road and only one lane was open at times, so it was a mess but everyone was being nice and waiting, we was just outside The Grand Teton National Park  or as the French call it “les trois tétons” (the three teats), yes, this is the time for the giggles and blushing.. The early 19th-century French-speaking trappers named the mountain range after boobs. God, something you just got to love the french!! 🙂 So here I am looking, enjoy the view of the grand boobs, thanking of my lovely Unbolt and siting in traffic. The traffic started moving and we was on our way, I thought but we had only got a few miles down the road and came to a stop again but this time, everyone was getting out to take photos of the  American bison or as we call them, buffalo. It was ok to do this because the park rangers was there and was telling everyone to get out and look at the big heard that was crossing the road. There must of been at least two hundred of them. It was beautiful to see but this is where we get to the story of waiting. I was standing there, with others watching the buffalo roam and enjoying the peace, when somewhere behind us we heard a honking horn. In the hundreds of stopped cars, there was one, wanting to move, somewhere but where? The park rangers had everything stopped because of the buffalo but someone wanted to go and so they did. I seen a ranger walking toward our group but he was not looking at us but someone behind us, so we looked too and saw a minivan coming up the un-used on coming lane and the ranger was not happy, not happy at all. He pointed and yelled for the minivan to pull to the side and stop. The ranger went to there window and said to the driver and family that they would not be going anywhere to the buffalo was done doing what buffalo do and because they was in a hurry, they would be waiting to the last of us was gone and would be at the back of the line. He, the driver was not happy about this but well…. So as the buffalo had cleared the road and we all got back into our cars to move, he (minivan) tried to get in front of the car in front of me and that guy honked his horn and the ranger seen this and pointed for the minivan to pull back over and this time the ranger told the driver he was to wait till he told him to go or he could wait in the rangers office… Hummmm… well what happened after this all I don’t know but I do know, it’s better to wait on the side of the road than in the rangers office. So kiddies, next time your find yourself facing down a park ranger, Just smile and enjoy the wildlife 🙂

Things to do in the middle of nowhere (AKA Chicken, Alaska)

Well boys and girls, Today’s story is about Chicken Alaska. What is there to do in Chicken you may ask? Well…. not much. There is the big chicken on the hill you can look at. The gift shops you can shop in. Oh and one has wifi, yes!! Chicken has wifi but don’t think you can stream movies on it but you can email your loved ones (my lovely unbolt got a few emails from here). There is panning for gold but well…. it’s easier to just buy some in the gift shop and tell everyone at home you found it in the stream (yeah I did this). So… what else is there to do?? Well…. that’s about all I found. You go to Chicken to say you went and buy gold to show your coworkers that you tell them you found in a stream and you use the wifi and that’s about it. So here is the Chicken on the hill for all of you that don’t want to go all the way but still want to see the chicken. Enjoy!! Oh and if you want gold! Than buy your own! 🙂

P.S. The photos where taken with my iPhone so they won’t win any prizes, well maybe they will 🙂



My Unbolt’s work

unbolt me

It was nothing serious, really…
Just some drunk kisses on the rave-up.
It was fully absurdly and freely.
Two different hues of lipsticks on one cup.

We were peers… OK. I was a bit older.
The same musical tastes and life views.
We both were like a password-protected folder…
OK. She was always losing her clues.

When I entered to the kitchen she was painting a windowsill.
(I’m sure that right here I fucked up with articles and tenses)
Yes, she was painting with a scarlet nail polish. A tiny quill.
Hellish stink. Hellish color. I swear, it was hell in all senses!

I went… and returned with a bottle of paint remover.
I just thought that red doesn’t fit. I would prefer black.
And she said, – ‘Wow… booze… Cheers, my Rover…’
And she took a sip. Only one huge sip. Only sip… and without snack.


© All…

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Alaskan Morning!

Oooooh it’s morning and today’s story boys and girls is of a morning that I was glad to see. It all started with me (as always) looking for a place to stay in the middle of nowhere. I had wanted to stay in Valdez for the night and take a boat out on the water the next morning but as luck would have it, the cabins I stayed in the time before was all full but not all was lost yet, there are other places, so into Valdez I went to look. The weather was bad foggy, misty, cold and rainy but still…. it could look up, right? Nope, place after place was full and with the weather, well…. the boat trip this year didn’t look like it would be that good, so away I went back into the wilds of Alaska to find something else to do. Time is going by and towns are not close to each other but I’ve been in the time crunch before and got lucky but this time was being hard but hey…. That’s why I go without plans. I’m nuts! Really, I am! Because no one in there right mind would do this, right? Well… driving around and around, stopping at place after place, following signs to places that said, B&B but sure didn’t look it.. Yeah I asked at one place and it was a place where they had parked there cars but they had put in a bed and moved the car out, so…. bed?? but breakfast? I was not going to stay around to see if that was true (Oh and they had dogs that was jumping on me and my car). So on I went and thought I would have to drive into the night again to find something but in Alaska, in the summer anyway, it’s stays light for a looooooong time so that was good at least. Well after a few more stops and no luck, I was going on to Tok, I thought…. but there was a sign and well I was tired so one more stop, just to see if it would turn out ok and well…. there was a few cabins in the trees and it looked ok so I stopped, got out of the car in front of this spooky looking house and seen a dog, Oh nooooo, I hope not the jumpy kind but it was a nice dog so I reached to pet the old dog when I heard an old man yell, “you don’t have to pet that ole dog” and I jumped. Me, spooked but this old man, me, almost still young and well….. ladies I’m built strong, yes very and still single if well…. never mind, on with the story. 🙂 I looked at this old man and yelled again “What do you want”. Well…. in a small voice I asked if he has a cabin for the night and he turned and walked into the house, thinking that was for me to follow I went into the spooky house where I found…….. a sweet kind grandma of a woman who warmed me fast and put my fears of the old man coming after me with an ax to rest. So a nice cabin and wifi was mine for the night, So with wifi password and a key I drove to my little peaceful cabin in the woods and stated to unload the car of what I would need and into the cabin I went. It was nice and clean, warm and not spooky. So after putting my things in I walked out with my phone to find wifi and enjoy the peace. That’s when I heard the old man yell again from the woods “you on the net?” yes, I say. He yells “how did you get on” I said your wife gave me the password “oh” he yells and on he goes about whatever he was doing. I go back inside for a shower and see the sign warning that this is not a spa, hurry in and hurry out if you want hot water. So I did as I was told and walked back outside to check my email and enjoy the peace. This is when I seen a car pull in, a family that was looking for a place too.  That’s when I heard the old man yell again “what do you want?” the man from the car said “a place for my family tonight”, the old man yelled “who all is that” the man from the car said “my wife, son and I”  the old man yelled “show me the boy”. After all that I walked back inside and locked the door. The next morning when I was leaving I seen that family’s car outside one of the cabins, so I guess things went well for them but who knows………15551910425_481795066f_o

The Crossing

Well boys and girls, today I’m going to tell you the story of the place where for an extra $20 you can get a mountain view. It’s called the Crossing and it’s in Alberta, Canada, way up in the mountains, The mountains are everywhere, you can’t help but see them but at the Crossing, you have to pay or they will make them go away somehow, I have seen them do it, really!! It all starts with me looking for a place to stay after a long drive in the mountains. I pull into this place that has everything, gas, food, cabins, gift shop and a store. Oooh how happy I am to find this place in the mountains. It’s got views and so into this cabin I go to get a room. I stand in the lobby waiting my turn and this nice grandma like woman smiles and asked if she can help, I tell her I would like a place for the night and she says she can help me with that and pulls out a key and I start filling out paperwork. Everything is going well…. untill she starts adding up the bill and I hear her say that for an extra $20 I can get a view of the mountains. Hmmmmmm…. mountain view you say?? Yes, for an extra $20 I can have a mountain view, hmmmm again….. I’m standing there looking out the window and all I see are mountains, so I say to her, is there a place where there is not a mountain view? I’ll take that. Everyone in the lobby looks at me and I smile, safe in the fact that I’m on a mountain, so I ask how can I not see it? At this point there are some young cleaning ladies that have come in and they hear me and start laughing and one takes my arms and tells me that was a good one, so full of myself by now I say I will pay an extra $20 if she can find me a room without a view. Well…. all I can say is she tried but even when the fog rolled in…. I could still see the mountains with a saved 20 still in my pocket. 🙂6247893734_16705b62fd_o 6249245527_e21c8d9f00_o 6732553247_0e4228f4c3_o