One Lovely Blog Award. A bit of magic and the Russian Roulette!

unbolt me

Hey there!

I’m sure that you forgot about this awesome fact… Aren’t you? 😉
But I didn’t forget!

Yes, I was nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award 10 days ago!

I’m immensely grateful for Jacob Lascsak(Serpentine is Here) for this nomination. And I must earn this sweet vermilion heart on my main page 🙂
OK… Let’s go, guys!

7 facts or things about me.

Hmmm… The most difficult part, probably. My blog is a place for my writings, not for my private…. But OK! Rules are rules. I adopted this nomination and I must play it straight. Enjoy! 😉

1) I was born at Yuri’s Night.
Of course, I wanted to become an astronaut (a cosmonaut) in my childhood 🙂

2) I wear the sneakers with the characters from ‘Toy Story‘.
Hey, Rex and Potato Head! How are you today, guys? :))

3) I jumped with…

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