My first (and unexpected) collaborations

unbolt me

It’s not a verse, actually. Rather, it’s a creative flow…

It started just out of the blue. I didn’t realize that we started… until the third strophe 🙂 It was the open start. And we decided to leave the open final. Because this dance can’t be finished…


Kasey Stafford aka BasicAudio feat. Unbolt

I’m like water… water of life… water of death… I’m just flowing and dissolving all what I meet…

While you float into eternity in the currents of time, I’m the rocks beneath the surface. Silent, worn and still.

I’m singing, I’m dancing, I’m playing with a pebble. I’m tickling your rocky heels and smoothing your rough pleats.

Shadows waving over us as the wind dances with the tall grass along the shore, taming the sun’s heat.
Earth’s ballet going unnoticed.

It’s going unnoticed…. We are involved by our dance. A passionate bolero is whirling us. A dance…

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