a Mess on the sky (Fragment #029)

unbolt me

It was a mess on the sky…

I was designated for the visual arts.

I was accurately planned but I was impatient. I was fidgeting and knocking.

Our breed was losing own positions at an alarming rate. My parents were studying tarot, the manuscripts and the natal charts thoroughly… they couldn’t goof again.

I was made with a mechanical precision. A day, an hour…

Yuk! I even don’t want to imagine this sterile and dull process!

Sun Opposition or Square Pluto…

Mercury Sextile or Trine Neptune…

The degrees, the angles, the seconds.

It was a big mess on the sky.

Pluto had a hangover syndrome. Why? It was because of… Hey! It’s not your funeral! I promised to keep this secret 😉

Venus like every woman was running late.

Mars, as always, was on the routine war…

Uranus came first. He sat with Scorpio and smoked.

‘Your generation is noted for their willingness to dispel social taboos…

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