a Combat neuron

unbolt me

My fibres are trembling… I even can’t press a button. Fucking switch!!
If BigEyeSpy will wink me tonight… I’ll have the third misdeed. I’ll have the new big problems with Council of Observation. And I’ll not be able to use my insomnia or chronic fatigue as my vindication. They’ll not believe me again. It can end as a verdict ‘Apoptosis!’ and it’ll be really ‘peace-death’ for me…

I should stop! I hate to yammer!
I’d mumbled – ‘Take this cup away from me…’ – and abruptly pushed this damned button.

The tepid wind is blowing, the oval room is wiggling… All right!
I connected to daily kerfuffle. Now I’m a part of the tracking system. I’m a combat neuron in the artificial neural network.
I’m a good manipulator, I can control both the most powerful and the most dispensable influx… Oh! My bad! I forgot to introduce myself! Sorry!
My name…

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